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BBC 6am News report 9th April 2019:

~2018 has seen massive issues with 'Presenteeism' when employees should be off work due to illness, however they are too scared be off due to concerns about the perception of being 'off sick'.

~2018  'Leaveism', is when employees and business owners are on leave but feel the still have to work.

~ There has been a 40% rise in the past year 2018/19 in people taking time off work because of Stress 

'We all have a Duty of Care to those we employ and for Wellbeing in the workplace'.

All of the above issues can, and probably will affect members of your Team and You!

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Help and Support

 Working with Small Business Owners, Managers and Employees  either in the Businesses to resolve issues, focus on the positives and grow the Business or 

Privately with individuals if you are looking for a new job or even changing your career.  

I have a strong business background and have worked for Multimillion Business, and in Small Individual Companies as an Employee. 

I have been Self Employed and  even a Small Business Owner with employees.  

The misconception... Coaching isn't  just for sports or activities! 

Coaching is used for developing your skills and performance across the board, whether it is to improve areas of your professional and personal life enabling you to achieve your goals and outcomes. 

I also hold you to account so you will get things done and 'stop you getting in your own way'!

How does coaching work? 

Coaching is a series of conversations and focusses on you discovering awareness and answers for yourself.  You are far more likely to engage easily and naturally with solutions that expand thoughts and actions you have come up with for yourself, rather than those that I have forced on you!  

What is coaching mostly used for? 

Coaching is widely used for making decisions at work and in your personal life, coaching can clarify how you feel, think about and see something. How to approach changing a relationship whether that is to move forward with a new one, to change the dynamics of an existing one ,or even gently bring one to an end. 

Coaching can even help you focus on steps towards a holiday, new car, new home, new life by involving and promoting easy conscious awareness of your resources, expand the abilities you already have and realise those you can expand and develop. 

Coaching isn't...  

~Guiding, a guide usually knows the destination and how to get there. 

~Training, involves new learning to increase knowledge, competence or strategies. 

~Mentoring, when someone finds a good example they are likely to mirror their actions and behaviours. 

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The Results

A Happy Well Balanced Business is a more productive business, more productivity creates greater profit, everyone benefits from the floor up, and the top down. 

The Ecology ripples that spread outwards can also be far reaching. Not just within the business but those outside and around it whether they are support business, Family and loved ones, Friends, even aquaintences. 

Everyone wins.

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