Professional Combined Therapist specialising in Anxiety, Anger Management and PTSD

My Prices


£65.00 for a 1 hour session

£90 up to 1 1/2 hours

£120.00 up to 2 hours

£ 210 Half day

Stopping smoking £250.00 (NLP and Hypnosis over a minimum of two sessions). 

Skype available for Coaching and some NLP techniques, not for Hypnosis to ensure your physical and emotional wellbeing at all times.                  

All sessions are payable in advance by cash on the day or BACS (details on booking)

Discount concessions when referred by your GP or for clients on a low income

I also run several Pro Bono sessions a month for those in real need.

I am fully insured and work to the high code of ethics as set out by the Association of Integrated Psychology (AIP)



Having got to learn more about Susie's business through the Maidstone BoB club,

I asked Susie to help me with some hypnosis treatment.
The results were nothing short of phenomenal and have made an enormous impact upon me. 

Susie carries out her work with the upmost respect and empathy and I have no hesitation in recommending Susie to others.

Jon Binks

Financial Integrity, October 2019

"Without Susie's practical coaching, I would probably still be looking for my ideal job instead of staying stuck in the wrong one, or heading towards career disaster". 

Amber Greenhill (18), Benenden, Kent.

I was sceptical about the Hypnotherapy at first and was probably a resistant and difficult client but after a couple of amazing sessions, it was well worth it. I am mentally much stronger, getting a good nights sleep and I confess loving feeling relaxed for the first time in months...

Tracey Kirby (42) Kent October 2019

 I went to see Susie to overcome my long standing fear of birds. Susie used an NLP technique and I discovered where and how aged 7 and 10 my phobia was created. Having 're written' the event through my adult self's eyes I can now happily approach a group of birds and even walk through them without fear, or running in the opposite direction. This has made a huge difference to me and my family, especially as they no longer get anxious for me if we are outside. Now I have even picked up a small bird and buried it and been in with the birds at Loro Parque in Tenerife!

I would thoroughly recommend Susie as she is both professional and compassionate.

Karen H


Susie helped me through a traumatic life event by showing me the coping mechanisms to remain calm and get through what was quite an ordeal. As well as this, through our two sessions of talking through things and dealing with the negative emotions I was feeling, I was able to come out the other side relatively emotionally unscathed and feel ‘normal’ again which I had not thought would be possible.

When I contacted Susie, I was very stressed out and panicking. After our first session I felt much more relaxed. Although I was still worried and nervous, I felt confident that the coping skills Susie had shown me and the release of negative emotions we had done together would see me through the troubles ahead. The physical enactment of approaching and jumping over ‘the event’ and then concentrating on and holding on to the feelings of relief and positivity I felt by doing so really worked for me as I was able to visualise that moment and hold onto those feelings when it was the real thing.

I don’t find it easy to open up to people and have always been very independent, but on this occasion I desperately needed some help. Susie’s empathy, kindness and understanding alongside the practical techniques she showed me saw me through a really tough time.

Really appreciate what you did for me Susie, thank you xx

I want to absolutely thank you for helping me to help myself this afternoon. It was not what I was expecting at all, and neither was the feeling of elation I felt when I left The Oasis.

Wit May 2019

To Dear Susie

I want to absoloutly thank you for helping me to help myself this afternoon. It was not what I was expecting at all, and neither was the feeling of elation I felt when I left The Oasis.

S.G 2019

The Unconcious is a very clever, yet strange, thing!!

I knew the way home like the back of my hand, however, I turned right too early thinking I was heading towards Leeds Castle!! So, new roads, new journey and not one concern that I had no clue where I was - SatNav was off and I was loving the feeling of freedom and adventure!!

Had it been yesterday, I know It would have been very different!

M Smith 2019

Card accompanied by a large bunch of beautiful flowers:

'Dear Susie

Thank you for giving me a fresh start.

You are truly amazing

Love from

Mirae xxx'

July 2019

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