Professional NLP Hypnotist for Anxiety and PTSD

Therapies through the years ….14 to 104


Teens +

~ For 15+ teenagers I will teach you techniques to enable you to cope with the transition from childhood to adulthood. Overcoming anxiety, self confidence, self belief, weight issues, relationships with siblings, parents, friendships, boy/girl friends. How to deal with and recover from psychological bullying. Overcome stress and anxiety before Exams and any other events. 

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Twenties to Forties

~Through your 20's 30's and 40's, Personal and career issues when you need to find your own direction and vision for change. Overcome loss of confidence and self belief, anxiety, insomnia, bereavement, pre and early depression, fears or phobias still not dealt with from childhood

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Fifty +

~ Later in life at 50+ Family and friendship bereavement, you may find yourself going through menopause (female and male). You might have find yourself making sweeping changes to your life as well as being on the receiving end. 

~ 65-70+ Retirement, realising and creating your new purpose. At last you have time, lets explore it together.

Throughout Life, I have learned there isn't anything that can't be resolved, its never too soon and its never too late, I know! 

call me on 01622 842248 email

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