Privacy Policy

Fully compliant with all UK and EU GDPR data privacy laws. By accessing services provided by Susie K Brooks you agree to comply accordingly. All clients are bound by their initial contract, copies available on request. Notes will not be shared with any other authority including the Police and Courts without the clients permission, however they may not make sense to anyone except for me as I make them in an abstract form. 

By signing the contract you agree Hypnotherapy and some sessions may be recorded for the protection of both you the client, and me the therapist.

I work to a very high standard of trust, integrity and ethics. If you work with me the contract between us covers both of us in the same way any business agreement would. By signing the contract you also agree that unless you withdraw permission I may share your 'story' with others. They often help new clients to know and understand what may happen during a session and some of the insights that can be gained. I share your story but not your identity. 

It would also be lovely if you could just take a few minutes after working with me to write a review so I may share it here, and on other marketing and advertising material. Thank you,  Susie