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How Can Hypnosis help me? Hypnosis is a powerful yet gentle therapy dating back from 377 BC! It is used for a wide range of conscious and unconscious issues ranging through from anxiety, lack of confidence, insomnia, phobias, fears and more.

Can I be Hypnotised? Yes, as long as you have Imagination, Concentration and Positive Intentions. (*also see the full Questions answered section)

Am I concious? Yes, Hypnosis is a state of guided relaxation, similar to a trance which is non guided, a bit like day-dreaming 

How long will it take? Often, only one session will be needed, however it may take longer if you are looking at more than one or you have more complex issues.

Does it last? If you want make changes, Hypnosis is a fantastic way to give you that opportunity. However, like anything you need to keep self focussed for the best results. If you don't want change and intentionally go against it, Hypnosis cannot 'make' or 'force' you. 

How much does it cost? Hypnosis alone is usually one or two sessions

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Integral Eye Movement Therapy is a very quick therapy that utilises simple eye movements and questioning techniques for change by removing negative emotions associated with a memory.

 The techniques help to create change by rapidly reducing unwanted feelings to help you to resolve issues. 

IEMT can also show you why you repeat unwanted behaviours and how to deal with this without the need for digging into the past.

Unlike many psychological therapeutic processes, it can be done content free so you do not always have to talk about the details about your experience or painful memories of events, a “secret therapy” so you do not need to give me any details. 

Used for PTSD, IEMT isn't content free however it is incredibly powerful. To date I have used IEMT for a variety of PTSD events, a few examples are: -witnessing a fatal accident, a house fire where client watched his home burn and lost everything, flashbacks from a Royal Marine involved in body recovery after the Tsunami in Thailand in 2005, a woman whose husband had physically and psychologically abused her, she was still suffering nightmares after 10 years, a woman suffering from anxiety and fear after a boating accident. 


NLP~Neuro Linguistic Programming

 I use NLP as an encompassing therapy which can help you overcome trauma, re-assess and re-balance how you react to things, deal with a range of difficult relationships and even put you off bad habits (smoking, eating chocolate & cake!).

NLP Techniques I use include:

~Values, knowing your values, and their relative importance, is a key to a happy and healthy life

~Timeline, go into your past to release and overcome 

Fear, Phobias, Grief, Anger, Hurt and Sadness.

~ Perceptual Positioning, a very powerful technique used to help you to overcome relationship issues whoever they may be with: Parent, Child, Partner, Boss, Employee. 

An opportunity to resolve issues without the other person ever knowing.

~Anchoring a positive emotions will enable you to overcome negative responses to any situation.

~ Strategies how we do what we do in order to reach our desired outcome.

How long will it take?  one session may sometimes be enough, however 2-4 may be needed.


For me, NLP's great power is also in understanding how to communicate well and how to live in balance with our own bodies and fellow human beings. 

If an NLP Practitioner course is something you wish to pursue for your own personal development, please ask as I am happy to recommend Training Organisations.

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