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Q & A's and Privacy Policy



Q. What can go wrong?

A. The worst thing is that you are one of the 25% who are not suitable for Hypnosis as you need to be 'open to unconscious learning to change', however we would then look to NLP and Coaching for a solution. 

Q. Are there any bad side effects?

A. Any side effects to Hypnosis are extremely rare. There is an exceptionally small possibility of an abreaction (getting upset) but I am trained to guide you back out and into a positive frame of mind again.

Q. Can I get "stuck" in Hypnosis?

A. No, Hypnoisis is a state of relaxation, not something you can get "stuck" in.

Q. I don't like being out of control so can Hypnosis still work for me?

A. If you are unable to relax rigid control over your body and mind, it is unlikely you can be hypnotised. As long as you trust your Hypnotist, can relax and open your mind you will find you are in control at all times, just not at a conscious level. Hypnotherapy is similar to day dreaming and you can come out of your relaxed state at any time  if you want


Q.What is  NLP? In a nutshell: 'NLP changes your experience of The World, as well as creating an appreciation of how others experience theirs. You gain new perspectives, enhance how you communicate to create personal change within your own life, as well as having the option to use NLP tools and concepts to create change with others and how you interact with them.'

Q. What does NLP stand for?

N Neuro-Neurology: The study of the mind and nervous system: how we think and our Physiology. (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic, Olfactory, Gustatory)

L Linguistics: The study of language, how we use it and how it affects us. (Pictures, Sounds, Feelings, Tastes, Smells, Words (self-talk))

P Programming: The sequence of our actions; how we motivate ourselves to achieve our goals. How to use the language of the mind to constantly achieve our specific desired outcome. Communication!

Q. Can NLP make real difference for me? NLP is a powerful tool in its own right. It enhances Coaching and Hypnotherapy as well as changing beliefs, overcoming anxiety, anchoring positive feelings, conquering phobias, even re balancing relationships with a parent, child, boss, employee as well as a spouse or partner (all without their involvement!)

Q. I have heard of a time based NLP, is that going to past lives? My NLP time line technique is not regression back to previous lives, I leave that to regression specialists. NLP is always used positively to go into your past to find the event that caused a trauma, also releasing limiting beliefs and negative emotions relating to physical and emotional health. It is also used for accessing resources from the past for use now and in the future, removing anxiety and building a really compelling future for achieving goals.


Isn't coaching just for sports or activities? Coaching is used for developing skills and performance across the board, whether it is to improve areas of your professional and personal life, achieving goals and outcomes as well as boosting and improving physical performance.

How does coaching work? Coaching is a series of conversations and focusses on the client discovering answers for themselves. 

Do you give advice? People are far more likely to engage with solutions they have come up with for themselves, rather than those that are forced on them! 

What is coaching mostly used for? Coaching is widely used for making decisions at work maybe working towards a promotion, new job or even changing career. In personal life, coaching can clafiry how you feel about, or how to approach changing a relationship whether that is to move forward with a new one, or to change or even end an existing one well. Coaching can even help you focus on steps towards a holiday, new car, new home, new life by involving and promoting conscious awareness of the resources and abilities needed.

Coaching isn't... 

Guiding, a guide usually knows the destination and how to get there.

Training, involves new learning thus increasing knowledge, competence or strategies.

Mentoring, when someone finds a good example they are likely to mirror their actions and behaviours.


(although a little sprinkle of the above may be added if needed!)

Privacy Policy

I work to a very high standard of trust, integrity and ethics. If you work with me we have a contract between us which covers both of us in the same way any agreement would. By signing the contract you also agree that I may share your 'story' with others as it often helps new clients to know and understand what may happen during a session and some of the insights that can be gained. I share your story but not your identity. It would also be lovely if you could just take a few minutes after working with me to write a review so I may share it here, and on other marketing and advertising. Thank you,  Susie x