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What I do

~Anxiety~ Stress~ Insomnia~ Lack of Confidence~ 

Self Belief~ Bereavement~ 

Limiting Beliefs...I cant! (actually, yes you can!)

Fears and Phobias...  

  • Spiders, dogs, insects, birds and many more....
  • Heights, the dark
  • phoboa related to blood, injury, medical issues, needles &  injections, broken bones, falling, old injuries
  • related to specific situations (flying, lifts, driving)
  • choking, loud noises, drowning

Claustrophobia, Lack of motivation, Bad habits!...Smoking, nail biting etc

Weight issues, too much or too little. 

Relationship Issues...Parents, children, partner, boss, employee, friend.

Emotions that hold you back or stop you from moving forwards:

Anger~ Sadness~ Guilt~ Hurt~Jealousy


Contact me

Message me or call  07814 083199 

or email me susie@susiekbrooks.co.uk 

Contact Me

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Open hours

The Therapy Room @CL2 Stone Street Cranbrook TN17 3HF and

The Oasis, School Lane, Sutton Valence ME17 3HH  Tel.01622 842248  mobile 07814 083199